A Caregivers Dream in a Basketball Pass … Just Watch This Video

Heather Jose

Heather Jose

I dare you to watch this video—without crying. It has been a viral sensation as of late, and it speaks volumes about what is good in this world.

Why am I sharing it with you here at WeAreCaregivers? Because as much as this impacted a kid’s life, it did even more for his mom.

One of the categories of caregivers that we recognize as very under served are parents with special needs children. The truth is that special parents spend much of their time and energy standing up for their children. Even the smallest tasks can be a struggle. But the struggle is necessary in order to help these kids be a part of normal daily life. Victories come in the smallest tasks, and are celebrated in a way that few of us realize. I get the chance to see that as I work with children as an occupational therapist.

It is wonderful.

What parents can’t change is the way other people treat their children. I am sure all parents would wish this for their child …

(Click the video screen below to watch the short film from On the Road with Steve Hartman. The CBS network allows us to share the video clip with you, but does require viewers to watch a brief commercial before the actual On the Road story starts. It’s well worth the 30-second wait.)


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